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Classic Car Trabant
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TRABANT P601, P601S, P601S De Luxe

Toronto Ontario, Canada. Trabant Imports, Exports.

*Featured in Wheels of The Toronto Star*(but with inaccuracies and misquotes)

This Trabant page contains of mostly photos.

Please visit W W W . T R A B A N T . C A for more information on Trabi's or owning a Trabant in Canada. 

The Trabant was was East Germanys answer to the peoples car as the Volkswagen Beetle was to West Germany. Designed to be a cheap and practical car for the working class. Made of simple technology that was easy to maintain and repair. It features a  595 cc, two-cylinder air-cooled engine  and requires a 50:1 gas-oil mix.

Factory Poster Ads & Spec Photos

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Networks of fan clubs across Europe affectionately preserves its memory. The Sachsenring Trabant P601 leaves a tiny footprint on Canada just the same, because for the first time, Canadians can own a Trabant. (Join the Club)

Please call for an appointment. Only serious inquiries please

Phone: 1-905-880-1777
Mobile: 1-416-562-5019
Toll Free: 1-888-722-1777

This Trabant page contains of mostly photos.

Please visit W W W . T R A B A N T . C A for more information on Trabi's or owning a Trabant in Canada. 

Custom Trabant's & Sample Photos. Look what people have done to their Trabant companions. amazing!!

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This Trabant page contains of mostly photos.

Please visit W W W . T R A B A N T . C A for more information on Trabi's or owning a Trabant in Canada. 

Phone: 1-905-880-1777
Mobile: 1-416-562-5019
Toll Free: 1-888-722-1777
Call for an appointment. Only serious inquiries please


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